Product Information
The Old Mill Gold Rum
January, 2006

1. The Old Mill Gold Rum is of exceptional quality, being manufactured in a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, five-column still under the supervision of experts who have been making rum on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands since shortly after Prohibition. The product is unique because it is a custom blend of two to four year old, barrel-aged rums and packaged in a beautiful, imported French bottle with tasteful, gold-embossed labeling and a cork finish. The package is 100% hand done.

2. The Old Mill Gold Rum is versatile for its mixability as well as smooth enough to drink neat. It is also an exceptional product for baking, cooking and candy making.

3. The Old Mill Gold Rum is now available in many western markets with expansion being realized on a continental basis.

There are a number of sustances which are poisonous by-products of the distillation process

These poisonous substances are, in large part, removed from The Old Mill™ Gold Rum because this delicious product is produced in one of the most sophisticated stills in the Western Hemisphere.

Because it is made in a computer-controlled, five-column still, The Old Mill™ Gold Rum is the purest rum on anyone's liquor store shelf or on anyone's back bar.

You are well advised to drink a pure product!! And just think of all the aroma and smoothness you get in the bargain!

The Old Mill Smoothie Mojito Recipe

In a mixing glass, place a small handful of fresh mint leaves

Add one ounce fresh lime juice

Add one ounce simple syrup
(simple syrup to be a 50/50 blend sugar to water)

Add crushed ice and 1.75 ozs. Old Mill Gold Rum

Shake lightly & strain

Pour into an 11 oz. tall (collins-type) glass full of ice cubes

Top with a splash of club soda or maybe even some lemon-lime soda
(whatever floats your boat)

Finish with a slice of lime

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